Rani Rashmoni School of Architecture was set up in Malandighi, Durgapur in 2011 under the overall management of Sanaka Educational Trust. It is one of the first private architecture colleges in West Bengal. The School aims to impart quality education in the field of architecture. It is trying to become a center for learning in the field of Architecture and built environment which shall provide and promote balanced and sustainable social, cultural, economic development upholding the spirit of Professionalism and learning.

The School is located in a lush green campus, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The tranquil atmosphere creates a peaceful ambience for learning. The School is currently occupying the 3rd floor of the Engineering Building in the campus.

The school currently offers a five year B.Arch degree course under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. The course is approved by AICTE and Council of Architecture, New Delhi.

The school does not follow any single philosophy, but rather the school believes in individual growth and pluralism. The school encourages the intellectual growth of each individual who are studying. The School follows the curriculum set by MAKAUT and offers diverse subjects. The subjects cover the field of design, visualization, construction technology, history, architectural theory, urbanism, landscape, sustainability and professional practice. The School tries to make architecture students as creative, innovative and responsible professionals.

The School tries to impart education in a rigorous and holistic way. It follows rigorous methods of research to understand various subjects often involving hands-on experiments. The school believes in dialogue with various stakeholders in the society to contemplate on current issues in the society and tries to seek answer through innovative technical and sustainable means.

The School does not support any discrimination among students. It fosters a friendly environment for the students. It supports extra-curricular activities of the students. The School attempt to create something delightful, something which touches human lives. It seeks open minds to let in all ideas, then percolate the fundamental principles to create something based on learning and intuitions.

The School is trying to look beyond conventional ideas of growing. It is looking forward to encourage an active, thriving, inclusive and integrated campus-life. It is trying to facilitate each student to ignite passion, to work rigorously, to be exited in discovering new horizons, to acknowledge heritage, to become effective in taking challenges of the world.