The projection of bringing economic prosperity in different fields of activities in rural, semi urban and urban areas of our country has necessitated substantial improvement in the infrastructure developments. The smart city concepts, the green city concepts are witnessing substantial investment in urban, semi urban and even the rural sectors of the country. Tier two and tier three towns are registering growth in infrastructure and urban development. At the same time, growth in infrastructural sector has opened huge work opportunities for young minds who can harness the educational opportunity in the field of architecture and planning. The field is demanding smart, creative and innovative minds.

Keeping these in mind, Rani Rashmoni School of Architecture which is a part of Sanaka Educational Trust Group of Institutions was established in the year 2012. It is the first private college of West Bengal. The college offers 5 years degree course in Architecture which is registered with the Council of Architecture.

The Rani Rashmoni School of Architecture with its dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty is continuously striving to bring good professional education and training in architecture to the doorstep of South Bengal. With well-structured curriculum, field visits, study tours the students at Rani Rashmoni School of Architecture are equipped with the professional knowledge enabling them to take up responsible positions in their professional career.