Architecture of India is extremely rich with so many ideas architects often dwell on. All traditional, vernacular and modern architecture of India, all good architecture share the same passion, they reflect the same inheritance rich in humanity and sustainability. This architecture, this settlement pattern, the vibrant culture should be celebrated. We the Indians are part of it, we practically live and breathe it. All we need is to discover it.

Thus the School aims to raise questions about conventional ideas and seek answer from the past to create new frontiers which touches everybody.

Architecture creates habitable spaces. Architecture affects the built environment. The question lies in what should be the quality of the built environment? To answer the question, one can propose that architecture should be inclusive and contextual to the built environment. In other words, architecture should be site specific, sensitive to environment, climatically conditioned, sustainable and most importantly humane. To maintain this mandate The School follows the following objectives:

  1. To encourage creative sensitivity and rational thinking
  2. To create an atmosphere for entrepreneurship and employment in the surrounding areas
  3. To build individuals who can deliver sensitive and unique solutions to the changing society
  4. To create a holistic and self-aware society.